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FAQ answered by Graham Philips, Trustee       

  • What is The Friends of Hope Cove Harbour?
    It is a registered charity, formulated early in 2018, with the purpose of raising funds to help the Hope Cove Harbour carry out essential repairs and refurbishment to the fabric of The Harbour, particularly with reference to the Harbour Breakwater.
  • Do the Friends of Hope Cove Harbour actually run the Harbour?
    No. The day to day, week to week, annual affairs of the Harbour are organised and run by the Hope Cove Harbour Commissioners. Amongst their number they have a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, and they, along with the other commissioners make decisions as and when necessary to make sure the Harbour operates properly and efficiently.
  • Is Hope Cove Harbour a registered Port?
    Yes, it is.
  • Surely it can get money from the Government or other agencies for essential repairs?
    No. The coastline that the harbour is built on is owned by the Crown Estate, and the Commissioners pay an annual rent to lease and operate Harbour based activities on their land. Money for essential repairs has been subsidised by a small amount in the past with grants from various agencies, but these have now stopped. Consequently, at the moment the Harbour is self funding through its annual revenue from mooring and launching fees.
  • Are there no other grants available?
    Yes there are. However, they are not always easy to access. In saying that though, The Friends of Hope Cove Harbour did apply for some money from the EU but were turned down, and have made an application to the Coastal Communities Fund, which releases money every few years.
  • Who operates and organises The activities of The Friends of Hope Cove Harbour?
    A number of Trustees, with a Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary.
  • Is it their job to raise money for the Harbour?
    No. Their job is to monitor and control funds that are raised, to make sure it is spent prudently and within the remit of the constitution of the charity. For example, if the Commissioners made a request to the charity for funds to enable a proper marine survey to be carried out on the breakwater to get a real idea of the cost and work involved, they would probably view it favourably. On the other hand, if the commissioners made a request for a new uniform and car for the Harbour Master, they would probably view it differently.
  • So the Trustees of The Charity have nothing to do with fund raising?
    No. The trustees are keen to be involved where possible in helping raise funds, but are conscious that they cannot do it all themselves, and need the help of interested parties with greater skills to assist. The Trustees very much value these individuals and groups of individuals, and are very keen to recruit those who have expertise in legal matters to help raise funds through legacies. They are also seeking help from those with connections in the maritime industry, the world of commerce and insurance, and those with connections with cooperate sponsorship and access to grants and subsidies.
  • Is the local community helping out?
    Very much so. Indeed, the community has a strong tradition of self help with local businesses to the forefront. Additionally, locals have recently held raffles, coffee mornings, cream teas, a novelty Christmas Tree event, created a calendar, and taken part in sponsored runs to help raise money, for which the trustees are extremely grateful.
  • If the Breakwater collapses will the village be washed away?
    No. The village would survive but the beach would be decimated. As Hope Cove relies on tourism for its economic wealth, without a beach there would be significantly less tourists and very many businesses would be affected.
  • When is the Breakwater likely to collapse?
    Nobody knows. What we do know is that in recent years the amount of damage being caused by the elements has increased and there is a need to do something quite significant with the global climate change causing rising sea levels, stronger tidal flows, and increasing wind speeds.
  • Are the Trustees confident they can raise the necessary funds?
    Definitely. As momentum for the cause mounts, more and more people are coming forward to get involved. This is great and really appreciated, so please come forward if you think you can assist. A six figure sum seems a lot, but put in perspective, it is only the cost of a modest house in this beautiful area. A small price to pay to safeguard a unique resort steeped in maritime history, and a whole raft of businesses and individuals who rely upon it for their livelihood.
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