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History of the Harbour Wall

The origins of a harbour at Hope Cove can be traced back approximately 1000 years ago when it is believed the Danes placed huge boulders to the West of Quay sands......still visible at low tide.

In either the 18th or 19th Century boulders were put in place to provide a wall stretching from Barney Bank to Shippen.

Moving to more modern 1913 and following the 1914_18 war we become aware of the recordings of the loss of many boats due to insufficient protection of the  harbour.

In 1922 , following a very heavy storm there was considerable loss to the fishing fleet but fortunately, no loss of life.

Devon Fisheries approached the fisherman to  ascertain their actual needs for a safe harbour that would protect the beach. Funds were raised by the villagers who held 2 concerts.

The wall as it is today was was built in 1924. A certain Mr Geddes was the contractor  but unfortunately funds soon ran out. Thus, the fishermen had no option but to raise the money themselves or the wall would never have been completed.They even had to help manually with the completion of the task. Within 6 weeks they raised £76.60.......they were neither paid for their labour nor did they ever get their money back!!! The younger men paid more based upon the idea that they would get more use from the harbour ...Jack Jarvis aged just 19 paid £5.50 and George Legassick aged 70 was asked to contribute  £3.00.

by Christine Jarvis, Trustee

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